My name is Jacknife (they/them/theirs), and this is my blog about horror and social justice, and why they mesh together so well. This blog assumes you already know something about social justice and the nature of oppression. I am not here to argue with anyone, although I would be happy to point people who earnestly want to learn more or don’t understand something towards resources.

More about me:

*I am queer

*I am transgender and use they/them pronouns

*I am white and of European and Abenaki descent

*I used to be a lawyer but no longer practice, although I have a lot of opinions on the law and lawyers

*I grew up watching The X-Files but I hate the cops

*I believe in ghosts but am agnostic about aliens and Bigfoot

*In fact, I saw the same spirit multiple times growing up, as did my brother

*I’m sober

*I’m not here to entertain bullshit 🙂

Check out my first post for a bit more info!